Behind the Music

King Louie boasts a whopping 7 members, including: 2 singers, saxophonist, trumpeter, guitarist, bassist and drummer. Each member has brought with them a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Scroll down to find out more about each member.

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Band Members

Simon Marshall (drummer)

Simon Marshall


Simon’s musical experience began in 1969, with the purchase of a Shaftersbury yellow Telecaster and Marshall 30W valve amp. Having pinged and plincked for a while, he taught himself to play his first song: Hawkwinds Silver Machine. Some of Simon’s early inspirations include Santana, Samba Pa Ti, Europa, and Moonflower. In 1975, Simon formed his first band: Stroll On, which at its peak performed as a support artist for Buster (an English rock band formed in 1972) to an audience of 700 people. In the late 1970s, Simon briefly departed from the guitar and bought a steel drum kit, receiving tuition from ex Davie Bowie drummer Woody Woodmansey and jazz drummer Dave Trigwell. In the 1980’s, a new band was created: Taylor Made, for which Simon played guitar for 15-20 years. In 2005, Simon grew tired of the guitar (something we hope our guitarist Paul never will) and formed King Louie’s previous incarnation Soulside. To continue his drumming odyssey, Simon formed King Louie from the remnants of Soulside, featuring his saxophonist daughter and other amazing musicians and as they say….. the rest is history

King Louie Group_Lucy_2_V2.jpg

Lucy Marshall


Lucy’s been playing the alto sax since she was 13 years old. Although, the first year she wouldn’t class as ‘playing’, more like replicating an angry duck/pathetic fog horn. You’ll be pleased to know she has now mastered the saxophone (to a certain degree)! Her love of music is down to her dad (Simon the drummer) who ever since she was little encouraged the angry duck noise-making. As well as being a grade 5 alto saxophonist, Lucy is also a grade 7 clarinettist and dabbles on the tenor sax. Her favourite type of music is anything that you can shake a tambourine to!

Harvey Hall (trumpeter, pionist, backing vocals and percussionist)

Harvey Hall

Trumpet, keyboard and backing vocals

Harvey's passion for the trumpet started almost as soon as he could stand. He would borrow his father's old army bugle and stand on the back door step sounding bugle calls and seriously irritating the neighbours! Harvey has been a member of several local ensembles formed by the County Music Service and also accepted freelance work in a variety of different genres. 

After completing his A-levels, he gained a place at Birmingham Conservatoire where he studied Trumpet Performance under the tuition of Paul Mayes and Andy Stone-Fewings. His time at the Music College also saw him become part of The Skemptons, a ska band who can often be seen playing around the Midlands. He had the great privilege to play in some of the finest concert venues around the UK and Europe including the Royal Albert Hall, Symphony Hall, Royal Festival Hall and the Slovak Radio Hall, Bratislava.

While studying at Birmingham Conservatoire he was able to work with several esteemed composers, helped to create new and exciting music and performed in many world premieres. He attended the Garrick Jazz Academy for many years which has given him a huge amount of experience in playing with small jazz bands.

Catherine 'Cat' Morley (singer)

Catherine "Cat" Morley


Cat Morley (nee Jarvis) has loved singing for as long as she can remember. From her first public solo, singing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' in a school play aged four, she has always enjoyed making music, although she’s sadly never mastered any other instruments despite several attempts! Having achieved Grade 8 in classical singing at secondary school, Cat had a break from music for three years while attending university. She then spent an amazing three years at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) learning to sing in modern styles including pop and rock and joining a handful of different bands. A break of around ten years followed while she developed a career in PR, so she was delighted to be accepted into the band in early 2016. She has a particular love of Motown, inherited from her mum, and sneaks as many of these tracks onto the set list as she can!

King Louie Group_Hattie_1.jpg

Hatty "Hi-Hat" Paul

Vocalist, saxophone and flute

Hatty is one-half of King Louie's leading ladies and the band's youngest member. Hatty started singing at a very young age in church services before taking an embarassing and fruitless diversion into acting. Since resigning as an actress, Hatty has received training in various styles of music (never content with one), including: classical, music theatre and jazz. Hatty is also proficient at the saxophone and flute receiving a Grade 5 in each and assists as a back-up instrumentalist, if desperately needed. She quotes a number of both nostalgic and modern inspirations, such as Freddie Mercury, Florence Welsh, Christina Acquillera, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone

King Louie Group_Paul_2.jpg

Paul Sparshatt


Paul began playing guitar at age 12, almost 65 years ago, in the foothills of the Appallachian mountains. After studying music in Chichester and U.E.A and a stint travelling around Australia, he returned to Brighton and began  playing session with various singer/songwriters in the town, and teaching guitar fulltime.

After dropping out of music for a period to start a family, said family forced him out of the house to join King Louie on the road to funky nirvana. Also a player of lapsteel, banjo, and mandolin, three  instruments that have no place in funk/soul  setup, though he is looking for sneak bluegrass attacks. He owns too many guitars for one man, and cannot read music

King Louie Group_Final Grade-26.jpg

Russell Stedman


If we gigged that!

Russ Stedman is the newbie of the band. He began playing bass at the tender age of 15, because he couldn't play a 'real' guitar. He's since tried to compensate by playing a 5 string bass.
Russ has been tolerated by many bands over the years, playing everything from soul, punk, funk, rock and metal, having played every type of venue from local pubs to Download festival. He likes cats and one day dreams of fulfilling his dream as a professional Mongolian throat singer.